Laser Setup

- install your tube if required (NOTE: The 80w/100w red & black are self installed tubes)
- install your chiller (make sure to clamp or zip tie your hoses or they could pop off)
- check lens orientation. Round side should be up
- Check and Level (if necessary) your laser bed (see video in announcements)
POWER ON YOUR LASER and CHILLER (Note which corner your laser moves to. This is your home)
- Some of the bigger lasers have two power cords. If you have two plugs on your laser Ensure they're both plugged in.
- Ensure the key is turned to the right. This provides power to your laser
- Ensure the emergency stop switch is popped out. This powers your system (not the laser)
- Some bigger lasers have a mA power dial. It needs to be on MAX all the time or your laser won't fire.
- Some lasers have toggle switches on the sides. Ensure those are on and lit.
- check and align mirrors (NOTE: this is not a suggestion. You HAVE to do this or your cut/engraving quality can suffer)
- clean your mirrors and lens with a lint free cloth & 99% isopropyl alcohol (NOTE: after alignment the tape residue can leave your mirrors and lens dirty. Remember, your laser reflects off theses mirrors. If they're poorly maintained, your beam will poorly perform).
- download lightburn on your laptop.(NOTE: ensure you select the "install FTDI serial driver" box or it won't find your laser. If you forgot, just uninstall/reinstall. NOTE #1: Mac Users wont have the driver option. You'll need to search the Lightburn forum for options if your device isn't recognized.)
- setup your controller in lightburn by selecting "devices". (NOTE: If your laser controller isn't recognized, ensure your laser is on. Close light burn and re-open)
- Walk through the steps inputting the correct bed size and correct corner that your laser moved to when your first turn it on.
- Ramp test to find your focal point i.e. distance from the nozzle to your workpiece (NOTE: There is a video in the announcements. You HAVE to do this or your cut/engraving quality can suffer)
- Save your default laser settings: In Lightburn, go to EDIT>Machine Settings>Save....name is "Default Laser Settings">ok
- go to the "FILE" section in OMTech Facebook page and download the 1/8 inch and 1/4 inch test cut cards and powerscale engraving card
Once it's all established and saved, you are now ready to run the test cut files provided by Jonathan Frost