Pick a Laser

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In the market there are some many options to sift through making it hard to find the laser machine that is perfect for you. When I am helping someone select the machine that will best fit their application there are a couple of questions that I ask...

What are you going to make?

Your business and product ideas will help to dial in the range of lasers that will best serve you. Bed size and pass-throughs are a big consideration to make. On the smaller size the 50w machines have a 12"x20" bed and the size can jump up to as big as 40"x63" on the 150w.  For a side by side comparison of all of the OMTech machines review this Comparison Sheet.

Where will the laser go?

If you have plans to put your laser inside of your house rather than in a garage or shop you will have to plan for the rigid size of the machine that you are considering. The larger machines have a solid cabinet and minimal ability to disassemble the machine to fit through doorways and are better suited for a garage or shop application. The machines with a 20"x28" bed have several options with removable bases.  Below is a visual of the machines with this type of base.  Check out the Comparison Sheet for more specifics on the machine line up.

How many watts do you need?

In the world of lasers size matters the bigger machines are equipped with higher powered laser tubes. A higher wattage tube will be able to cut faster and thicker materials than the small 50w units. Personally I feel that an 80w machine is the sweet spot for someone that is starting out but still wants room to grow. That doesn't mean that you can still do amazing things with a smaller machine. In my shop I have a 60w and 100w Co2 Laser. The 60w has become may machines that focuses on engraving projects and tumblers. My 100w is my cutting work horse. I cut up to 1/2" mdf regularly on this machine. Obviously this selection is also limited by the first two questions and the budget that you have in mind.

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